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Because your pet is family.

What Diagnostics are Needed?

Diagnostics we recommend include, but are not limited to, bloodwork and x-rays.  If your pet is having issues with their skin, ears, or bowels, we encourage you to discuss bloodwork to check for food, environmental and/or both allergies with your primary veterinarian.  We also encourage complete x-rays to check for underlying issues if your pet is suffering from musculoskeletal concerns.  Many older patients have generalized arthritis and do not require x-rays; however, neoplastic conditions in older patients are not uncommon.  As a result, we recommend x-rays in any pet that is suffering from an acute, painful injury.

Signature is Required

We believe the best care for your pet is a holistic approach of traditional veterinary medicine complimented by alternative veterinary medicine.  In order to achieve this care, we must work in conjunction with your primary veterinarian.  


We require your primary veterinarian to complete and sign a one page referral form prior to scheduling an appointment.  This form allows your veterinarian to note what is most important and most current in your pet’s care plan and share expectations of treatment at our clinic.  We will follow up with your primary veterinarian after your pet is examined and treated at our clinic.


Please call the clinic on 937.667.3217 for more information regarding our referral policy.  You can access the one page referral form below.


We look forward to helping your pet achieve better wellness. 


Our Referral Policy

We require all pets seeking acupuncture or Chinese herbs be referred to our clinic by the primary veterinarian.  S/he must perform a full exam to diagnose the issue(s) affecting your pet prior to your initial appointment at our clinic.  We also require diagnostic tests be completed and the results shared with our clinic prior to your first appointment. These tests are to be performed at the discretion of your primary veterinarian; however, the more information we have, the more we can provide individualized care to your pet.

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